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Fourth Wall
artist statement
We live in a world where isolation and false reality are easier to succumb to than ever before. Connecting with each other has never been easier, yet there is so much we're not saying.

In filmmaking, the fourth wall is the break between camera and viewer, where suddenly the viewer is aware that the film is, in fact, a film. When filmmaking becomes self-reflexive, in some way pointing out that the medium is only a construction, it allows the viewer insight into the process rather than the product. This idea has stuck with me since I attended film school, often wondering what the result would be if we as individuals knocked down the fourth wall between each other, letting in the truest glimpse of our selves.

To capture the series, a track was mounted to the ceiling allowing the camera to slide into and out of the center of the room. Each set was assembled by hand, sometimes taking up to 60 hours for a single scene.

The ideas of disconnection, honesty, and loneliness play out in this series. A play on words, the series is photographed entirely within four walls with no windows or doors. The characters are contained with no way out, each interacting with a different element in their room.

Each scene is an emotion the subject will not share. Out of fear, they internalize what they believe no one should feel. This series of pain illustrates how we hurt ourselves and, in some cases, drown.